Executive Forum

EXECUTIVE FORUM – Network for Executives

Executive Forum is an exclusive network for executives and board members who have completed one of the Scandinavian Executive Institute programs.

It is not only a valuable opportunity to keep in touch but also provides unique access to the latest research and the most current methods and theories. This will be delivered directly from some of the world’s leading business professors, from our educational partners, INSEAD and IMD.

In 2019, we will reassess a number of leading teachers and researchers, each with their own approach giving you an idea of how the new conditions affect the world of business, Society and your management task, within this world. In other words, you get relevant knowledge presented in a context that makes sense for your strategic and managerial work.


Strategic Network – new knowledge

The Executive Forum is organized so that you acquire knowledge in more than one way. You get access to four Masterclasses and at the same time we create the framework for you to contribute your own experiences and challenges.

We ensure a dynamic and intensive learning environment, that speeds up the interaction between industries.

This results in the strong strategic network that is crucial to the modern leader.