Executive Management Programme

Executive Management Programme

An International Top Management Program

The Executive Management Programme INSEAD is an international top management program, providing you with the latest knowledge and useful tools to develop and strengthen your business strategy, business model and competitive situation.
The Program gives you insight into current trends and challenges that affect management and business development. On a concentrated course with three modules, one in Denmark and two at INSEAD in France, you will be presented with the latest knowledge from internationally recognized professors and leading professionals. And in collaboration with them and the other participants, you get connected that knowledge to your own business and reality. Executive Management Program is current and indispensable knowledge of strategy, innovation and leadership in an operational context.

Take ownership of your Career

10 advantages of the Executive Management Program

  • an international senior education program adapted to Scandinavian leadership, culture and learning style
  • teaching of internationally recognized professors and leading business professionals. Read more about the faculty 
  • a new approach to business development in the light of industry and societal changes
  • The latest knowledge about strategy, innovation and management in a concrete and current context
  • confidentiality with the development and application of new business models in a current context
  • a solid foundation for updating your company’s current strategy and business model
  • tools to identify and develop your company’s unique competitive advantages
  • tools for planning and conclusion of strategic alliances
  • tools to enhance innovation processes throughout the company
  • a professional network and a common frame of reference with other top executives. Read more about the Executive Forum here

All participants in the Executive Management Program have significant management experience, typically at the management level or equivalent. In addition, it is crucial that you speak and understand English as the education is only conducted in English.


Prepare your organization for the future

Develop your people, transform your organization

The Program is also an obvious opportunity for management teams and directors who want a consistent frame of reference and approach to solving the company’s strategic challenges. There is the opportunity to have more participants from the same company in the same team or to send team or board members to the training in smaller groups or individually.

You empower your people to realize your organization’s ambition by developing their capabilities in areas such as strategy, innovation and leadership. The top team cannot succeed alone. You energize and align your people around a shared commitment moving forward.