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May 2020 - Leadership Acceleration Programme
Module 14 – 6 May 2020Kolding, Denmark
Module 2GLC week 22-25 and 35-38Global Learning Center Online
Module 330 September – 2 October 2020IMD, Lausanne, Switzerland

Tuition fee and other expenses

Tuition: DKK 67.475 / € 9.100

Accommodation and meals
Module 1: 3 days in Kolding, Denmark – DKK 1.800 / €240 per day
Module 3: 3 days in Lausanne, Switzerland –  DKK 2.500 / € 338 per day

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Divide the education into modules –  attend over an extended period of time

You also have the opportunity to participate in the course over a longer period of time. This means that you can take the modules at the pace you want and independent of each other.
You can allocate the cost of the education and instead pay per module. It may be beneficial if your employer only has a specific amount on the budget for education per year.

If you wish to make use of this option, the prices per module are:

Module 1 – 25,000 DKK
Module 2 – 25,000 DKK
Module 3 – 29,000 DKK

In addition, the cost of hotel and catering and travel to Geneva on Module 3


Participants must cover all transport costs to/from Switzerland and to/from Denmark. This includes taxi or train transportation to/from the airports in Kastrup and Geneva, respectively.